LUNA Price Soars: Is It Time to Invest?

• Terra LUNA’s current price is around $1.81 and has gone up by 3.3% in the last 24 hours.
• The price of Terra LUNA is expected to reach $13.5 in the remainder of 2023.
• According to market experts, its value in December 2023 may hit $2.78 at its peak, with a minimum of $2.38.

LUNA Price Prediction

The current price of Terra LUNA is at $1.81, representing a drop of -11.87% in the seven days and an increase of 3.3% over the past 24 hours. The long-term outlook is looking promising as the crypto market forecast predicts that LUNA’s price will be worth $3.12 in the year 2023 even in the most pessimistic scenario, which would be 90% lower than its all-time high achieved on May 28th 2022 when it traded at $18.85 per coin.

Average Cost in April 2023

At the time when this article was written, LUNA had a trading volume of $86,848,772 that had increased by 28.5% from the previous day’s values; according to our studies, LUNA’s average cost for April 2023 will be estimated to be around $2$.06 with its highest prices for April being around $2$18 and its lowest being around $1$98 .

Long Term Price Forecast

In addition to that, our study also predicts that over a longer period of time; specifically for Autumn 2023 ,LUNA will trade at an average level of about 2$.5 with its prices fluctuating between 2$.47 and 2$.68 during September 2023 alone .

Value In October & December 2023

In October 2023 ,market experts predict that Terra Luna’s value could experience a peak of up to 2$.78 while not dropping below a minimum value of 2$.38 while in December 203 they expect it to have an average value of about 2$.72 while reaching up to 3$.02 as its peak and not going below 2$.65 as its minimum .

Is It A Good Investment?