Luck Smiles on Bitcoin Miner: $148,000 Reward From Block 780,112

• A lucky miner was able to beat out his competition and add Bitcoin block 780,112 to the blockchain, receiving a total of $148,000 in BTC.
• The miner was lucky given he only used a relatively small amount of computing power compared to the rest of the network.
• Congratulatory messages poured in from other miners who were surprised at how quickly and successfully the block was added.

Bitcoin Mining: Lady Luck Smiles On One Lucky Miner

A Huge Reward for Solving Bitcoin Block 780,112

At press time, one particular bitcoin miner is receiving a huge reward after solving bitcoin block 780,112 and successfully adding it to the blockchain. This consists of a 6.25 BTC reward along with an additional fee payment of 0.63 in bitcoin for the work completed – totalling around $148,000 USD.

Beating Out His Fellow Miners

The miner beat out his competition by using a surprisingly small amount of computing power – with an average hashing power of 6.7 PH/s at the time of writing compared to Bitcoin’s total hash rate which is 308,262 PH/s. For comparison purposes, this means that his power represented about 0.002 percent of the entire computational power on the blockchain network! He later went on to mention that he rented extra power over the course of one day through Nice Hash service to get this job done successfully and quickly.

Congratulatory Messages Pour In

As news spread about this lucky miner’s success story so did congratulatory messages from other miners who had been working hard trying to solve similar algorithms but hadn’t been as successful as him yet! His luck didn’t go unnoticed either – one Twitter user mentioned just how lucky he was given how quickly he managed to place such a hefty block into circulation especially when you consider that under normal circumstances it would have taken much more time!


This story goes to show just how powerful beginner’s luck can be sometimes! It also highlights how difficult mining has become with so many people competing against each other – even with limited resources it is still possible for someone like Pineconeeee here to come out on top with some help from lady luck!