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Bubba's Big Idea


Being a simple man of modest means I thought about how I could help the Task Force and I was struck by the simple idea of the "And they'll tell 2 friends" slogan from a commercial in the 70's. What if 1 person were to send $5 and get at least 2 friends to commit to sending $5 each and then getting at least 2 friends of theirs (ad infinitum) to do the same to keep the money vine growing?

I have to ask..."What if it was within your power to change someone's world with less than the cost of a meal from a drive through burger place and a simple email to your friends? Would you do it?" In other words..."Would you like to make a difference in this world without having to really do much"?

In reality, 1 person can be the impetus of supporting the Task Force for the whole year. At the 18th level it is 262,144 people donating only $5 each. In all actuality, 1 person can be responsible for initiating the generation of the $1.3 Million it takes to operate the Task Force for a year. It also allows the worry to be lifted and the focus can then be shifted to making the Task Force blossom into the creme de la creme model of how we can help the homeless climb out of poverty into a positive place in life.

If you have a minute watch the movie above to see how this process could be put to work with your help, also this is the link to make a direct donation using the secure payment processing offered by PayPal.

PS. If you kicked it up to $7.30 (2¢ a day for a year) it brings the total up to $1,913,651 which would keep the wolves at bay for even longer or allow them to make the programs substantially more beneficial to their clients.

Thanks, Bubba

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