Dangers with binary options – gamble yes or no?

In general it is often assumed that prostitution is the oldest trade in the world. But if one considers the gambling as a trade, it must also be regarded as one of day in the know the oldest trade because of its long history. After all, history can be traced back to the 3rd millennium BC. First, there were dice games and in the 14th century different types of card games were already invented. In the 17th century it was possible to play roulette in Italy and the first one-armed bandit was built in 1989 in Michigan. Many institutions, such as the church or the state, have repeatedly tried to ban gambling. But to completely ban the gambling in the world has not succeeded.

The Wall Street (New York Exchange) started operating in 1792, she listen to this podcast and none of the stockbrokers would probably have assumed that this stock market would be one of the largest and most famous two hundred years later.

In 2008, US stock market oversight allowed trading in exotic options, including the binary options. Today, these are among the most popular securities transactions around the world. Numerous online brokers make the vicious traders easy to get involved in the topic. The stock market lures – especially because it has always stood for money and power.

Action with binary options

Basically, trading binary options is easy and uncomplicated. back understanding This is a financial bet, in which an underlying (eg shares, currencies, gold, etc.) is selected and either bet on a rising or falling price. If the choice was made correctly after the option official source year had expired, a profit was achieved. In the opposite case, money is lost.

Currently inexperienced investors are currently bouncing on binary options. The online brokers are especially tempting to trade binary options. In their promises, they state that you can achieve great profits in the shortest possible time, without the need for much knowledge about the stock market.

For many people it looks as if trading with binary options is a real gold mine. Experts warn, however, not to start blindly with the binary export trade without information.

Although trading with binary options is also referred to as a financial bet, the gains achieved are not to be treated as in gambling. So the current gambling contract does not go into this topic. look see page At present, trading with binary options is not explicitly equated with the gamble. As long as the legislator does not decide otherwise, the bureaucracy trade is not a gamble from the legal point of view.

In general there are numerous financial products that could be described as gambling because they are dependent on luck and chance. However, most of these financial products do not fall into the category of click over here now you gambling, which is why experts assume that the option trade is not in the category of gambling in the legal and fiscal sense.

If the legislature were to decide, it would be tax free from the current tax perspective. Only the earnings generated with a profit have to be taxed at the moment.

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Hazards in the binary trade

Although the trade of binary options is not a gamble from the legal point of view, it also carries the “seed of the game”. No matter whether card games, I helpful hints slot machines or binary options – the game play risk is extremely high.

Before starting trading, the budget should be planned and never exceeded. Only money amounts are used which can be lost. It is also important to remove the gambling factor from the binary trading trade, with the help of

  • the basics of stock exchanges
  • the individual markets
  • the function of the binary options
  • the