Daytrading at BDSwiss with 100 Euro?

More than three million Germans regularly trade with binary options, CFDs or foreign exchange, chasing the dream of fast money. The number of daytraders is Copy Trading also growing steadily, because a professional daytrader is able to live on his profits. For many, this is only a dream. However, even standard mortals can become active as daytraders and achieve considerable gains even with small amounts.

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The Cypriot binary options broker BDSwiss is one of the best-known providers and is considered serious and trustworthy due to the etoro EU regulation. In addition, the broker offers trading in various markets and asset classes. Daytraders can thus profit from the wide range of trading options and binary options on stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs. A total of around 170 basic values ​​are available.

The range of tradable options includes classic call and put options, one-touch options, and pair and ladder options.

For BDSwiss at least 100 Euros must be paid in order to start trading. The minimum bet per trade is 25 euros. In the 60-second trade even only 5 euros, which is why with 100 euros can be quite a lot.

Daytrading with low stakes

As mentioned above, with BDSwiss for the 60-second trading only 5 Euro is anyoption possible. The option will only run for one minute, with an increasing (call option) or falling price (put option) of the respective underlying. The advantages are obvious:

It should never be started with the 60-second trade, without sufficient information. Anyone who now thinks he could invest his 100 euros or navigate to these guys in 20 trades of 5 euros and make a decent profit is wrong. Just as well, he could gamble the 100 euros also in the casino. Rather, it is important to remember the following tips:

  • For the 60-second trading, no underlying assets are located in a sideways movement. Potential for a successful option, however, is a repeated course break.
  • Raw materials are especially recommended, as the markets are IQ Option very volatile and the short-term trading of spontaneous course breaks. It should, however, be concentrated on an underlying.
  • It is important that the economic calendar is kept in mind. If an unexpected message comes in, you must act quickly.
  • There is also the possibility to use a trend that is going on stably.

Most daytraders use the well-known trendlines (eg Bollinger Bands) for the 60-second trades. In this case, the price of a selected underlying value is moved, which moves between two trend lines in a corresponding trend channel. If a trend becomes apparent, a call or put option with a maturity of one minute is set. Timing is critical and it is important to consider exactly when the option will be executed because there is a risk that the trend 24option will break within a minute.

A rule of thumb is that capital decreases (drawdowns) plus500 should be caught up to 40% of the total stake. This is possible if the overall concept or the strategy is correct. In addition, five consecutive losses can be recovered. Both together result in a risk of about 10 per cent as well as five losses in succession. This is the drawdown.

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Newcomers can handle such losses emotionally and financially very hard. Whoever pays 100 euros and puts four trades of 25 euros would theoretically lose everything. Looking at the whole thing realistic, 100 euros are “not much”. In addition, Social Trading four lost trades are also nothing unusual in professional day-racers.

Experienced Daytraders know the aforementioned rule of thumb and do not pay attention to the minimum payment. Much more important is the yield and the security. But there is also a sophisticated strategy system behind this.